Sunday, 23 May 2010

Picnic in the beer gardens!!

Today is so amazingly hot already and after spending Saturday doing DIY at home, the lure of being outside has finally won! The plan is to head off to the beer gardens with a picnic, some books and the sun lotion!! The beer gardens are in the centre of Cheltenham and are a brilliant place to hang out with friends and enjoy a drink in the sun! Friends are joining us later in the day and my little brother is coming along too, however he will be studying (or trying too) ;-)) for his English Literature exam next week! I am so glad my studying days are behind me (for the moment)!!

We are going to really indulge with the picnic!! So far I have splurged on lots of Marks & Spencer nibbles - they are doing a great deal at the moment of 3 little dishes for £5- and we are going to pick up some fresh bread and cheese from the Cheese Works on Regent Street on the way to the gardens. Yeah! So much to look forward too and getting to spend time with people I love! What better way is there to while away a gorgeously hot Sunday afternoon?!?!

T :-)))

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