Wednesday, 12 May 2010

My first post!

Quite a few people have been telling me that I should stop talking and start writing about anything and everything! I have decided to whittle that down to all things foody and to get things started I have posted an 2 for 1 offer for Pizza Express from (see next post).

At the moment my planned future blogs include...

  • My favourite sweet recipes (good for all kids of all ages ;-))) and including my secret (!) recipe for peanut butter fudge!
  • Campfire cooking ideas (for the nearly upon us festival season and also for my upcoming brother/sister family camping weekend, where for one weekend a year I subject my younger siblings to a weekend with very basic facilities - poor Soph)!!!
  • Reviews of the best (or worst) eating places that Cheltenham has to offer. My first review will be on the recently visited Turkish restaurant, the Angora Meze Bar on Albion Street...
I'll post again soon (and feel free to hassle me if I take too long)!
NB. All comments / ideas / feedback are welcome!!

T :-))))))

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