Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sunday dinner with friends in the Slad Valley

Okay this is not the most recent Sunday, however I was browsing through my phone piccies and found the one below taken at an amazing Sunday dinner in October chez Lucy, and thought I would write a few words of thanks!

Lucy lives in the Slad Valley in a typically rustic farmhouse, which is one of my personal favourite areas of Gloucestershire and a perfect setting for a very substantial roast beef dinner! Lucy had managed to procure a humongous rib joint of beef from a butcher friend and cooked a full Sunday roast with all of the trimmings. My favourite dish was the red cabbage, which reminds me of Christmas - my most favourite time of year! Also post dinner there was one of my all time favourite desserts, a homemade apple crumble, made with fresh apples picked by Lucy's fair hands from the trees outside the kitchen the same morning!

Just to the right of the picture is my lovely husband Chris who is in conversation with my equally lovely friend Julia, only you will have to imagine she is there as I have not got her in shot! Our generous hostess Lucy is next to Chris and the rest of the table is a mixture of joint friends of ours and friends of Lucy's. A great bunch of people and I think everyone will agree a great evening!

Anyway thank you Lucy for cooking one of the best roast dinners I have had all year. Especially big thanks for the apple crumble, Julia and I had first dibs and it went down far too easily!! Seconds were pretty much a given and it was probably just as well we had to head off fairly early! Looking forward to returning the favour soon.

T :-)

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